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A blog featuring science fiction poetry. Some of it is distressing, some of it isn’t bad. Some of it is far reaching, and some of it feels like you could pick up a toolbox and make it happen.

Active Shooter Suppression System

Wide eyed Screaming  Short breath Shaking hands Pulls Fluorescent green Lever on the  Wall nearby.   Sticky white foam Explodes out From pipes Hanging bolted  Beneath the  Fire suppression Sprinkler system Lines.    Coughing Banging into furniture Scrambling away Blood trickling by Fresh, jagged,  Bullet holes On the wall.   Now he struggles To reload. …

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New Normals #1: Thomas Verdone Jr.

Today in History 2055: America elects its first Kommon Kink Kult member as president. A far cry from JFK, America’s first Middle Catholic president, Sunfox broke through entrenched stigma against so called, New Religions, by focusing all the meaningful aspects of his platform on popular manufacturing reforms. Born Thomas Verdone Jr., and known by his …

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Rocking Cars

Ethiopian and Somali Midwest megalopolis kids  Harassed while commuting To school,  Meet at summer coding camp, And study traffic law.    Dads downstairs laugh about  Times past in dusty cities  Alerted by screams Beating thieves in the street  While fat, bribed, police sit at the station.    Low-income high school teacher Americorps volunteer weighs in.  …

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Body Pockets

Subcutaneous  Modifications Make for Mild party tricks And offer Day at the beach Convenience.    Straight edge dads In striped Polo’s Book appointments online For piercing parlors With good Yelp reviews.    Cheery skinsmiths Greet out of place Artisan class Lawyers, Computer scientists, Pilots,  At the door.   Sitting on a  Dentists chair A man …

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