New Normals #1: Thomas Verdone Jr.

Today in History 2055: 
America elects its first Kommon Kink Kult member as president. 

A far cry from JFK, America’s first Middle Catholic president, Sunfox broke through entrenched stigma against so called, New Religions, by focusing all the meaningful aspects of his platform on popular manufacturing reforms. 

Born Thomas Verdone Jr., and known by his political fursona “Sunfox Blazeheart,” he was one of America’s most infamously authoritarian leaders, and surprisingly, also one of its most well regarded. 

Sunfox was the son of a wealthy ocular modifications manufacturer in New Jersey City, NJ. He was homeschooled by his mother, quickly proving himself a biomedical engineering prodigy. His early aptitude for corporate management as taught by his father was just as startling. 

At just 13 years old, he had became America's most prominent pro-kink acceptance organizer. Sunfox rocketed to stardom at the Anthrocon 2033 Psycho Pup Show, when him and other young church members unveiled a "counter-sit-in," where they streamed the imprisonment of senior furry community leaders in Sunfox's Hudson Crest apartment while making Tik2 Tok2 campaign clips from the pulpit. 

Purportedly also one of the most influential Power Subs in NAMBLA, critics of his organizer career argue that adopting a fursona was an intentionally bland choice used to help garner non-kink community support. Critics have also argued, with some support, that the Anthrocon 2033 sit in was supported by NAMBLA insurgents who used the furry community's inherent anonymity to sow chaos within the crowd.

After entering office at 36, Sunfox took an extremely aggressive stance on body modification device consumer protection. 

His militarization of safety regulation culminated with the creation of the Production Oversight Officer Corps - Hotel Company, a counter-corpo special operations unit under the president's direct, and sole control.

POOCH is noted for live beaming the killing of almost 6,000 corporate security officers, and streaming the torture of nearly 250 factory floor managers. 

Sunfox personally controlled some of POOCH's most infamous operations from the White House basement Rave Garden, surrounded by his raucous supporters in full, rainbow, KKK gear.

Due to security concerns, these so called, "ScRE-Mixes," could rarely be shown live but when those that did air received record high viewership and motile engagement ratings. 

Even after his suicide, echoes of his cult-like popularity have manifested with the widespread wearing of toe bands, CasualLeashes™️, knuckle tattoos, and eyelid tattoos in Sunfox’s signature Gucci-Gold-Tiger-Stripe pattern.

**Notes after:

Going through this imagine the techno chaos of the Cyberpunk 2077 world. The language, body modifications, and weakened nation states.

“Kommon Kink Kult,” is based on anti-racist KKK art projects like this one:

“New Jersey City, NJ,” is a play on New New York from Futurama, but with a better flow of words. It almost sounds like a light joke from Idiocracy where people are confused that it’s Jersey City instead of New Jersey City, because it’s in New Jersey, not Jersey.

Anthrocon is one of the furry community’s longest running and most important conventions. Link:

During the counter-sit-in they’re basically making selfie Tik Toks with the crowd, sitting in the place of the people they ousted.

NAMBLA is a real organization, it’s the North American Man Boy Love Association. It is horrific as the name sounds. Now can you even imagine what it would mean to be a “Power Sub” in that organization. Link about NAMBLA to prove this is real:

The NAMBLA part is inspired by the South Park parody of them, which is as entertaining as it is horrific.

“Counter-corpo” is another direct Cyberpunk reference where people aligned with corporations are called “corpos.”

The White House Rave Garden is yet another renovation of the White House basement, where once Nixon’s bowling alley was infamous, 2056 is going crank the dial up a bit.

White House Renovations

The ScRE-Mix is mashing together an image of Obama ordering a strike from the Situation Room and a disgusting rave. Here Sunfox is doing truly brutal things from a situation so absurd it almost stretches our imagination. Right now our vision of being in control, whether the stately hero, or the criminal mastermind, is that they’re doing things calmly. Sunfox is Heath Ledger’s Joker with a dynamic political career. Seizing power by riding the waves of political passions.

In researching this peice I went through an extensive knuckle tattoos blog. Which was more interesting than you’d think:

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