The National Defense

*Warning: Politically charged and doesn’t have the same Ideas-at-the-Center approach.

Militia Men 
Making an America 
Safer from
Foreign Powers. 
6 character passwords and 
No Facebook privacy settings.
Vote so kids can get shot
By angrier other kids.
Vote to raise
Maternal mortality rates.
Speeding home from a bar
A little over the limit.
In for another preventable 
Disease surgery.
Shooting endangered birds 
And cats. 
Training in woods 
They let burn down.
Fat and 
Tall and 
Pale and 
Bloody red and
Jaundiced yellow 
Flushed face 
Pounding books
That they haven’t read.
So excited
To prop up an 
Atheist king. 
Even McCarthy 
Would throw those
Fancy auto driving,
Ranting about struggles 
They don’t face, 
Morally poor, 
The militia
Hiding in your home.
Holding the village 
At night when the 
Americans aren’t looking.
Rancid sweat smelling 
Camouflage denim
Carrying AKs
Say they’re 
“Just out hunting.”
Through lying smiles. 
Like they own the damn place. 
A safer America. 
Dying out.
Rotting and
Why worry about 
And Always-Jealous-Russia, 
Coming to fight 
When you’ve already joined 
The Bloc.

*I think it’s interesting comparing these kinds of dangerous/strenuous activities to the previous poster people for anti-American ideals like the the Soviets, and Taliban insurgents.

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