Tropical Stardew Valley

And more mods, 
Stardew set in India.
Change the looks of the townspeople. 
Change the dialogue, 
New quests, new interactions,
Navigate family member errands,
And appease neighbors you don’t like.
Change how the buildings look.
Change how the trees look.
Change how the artisan tools look. 
Change the crops,
Taro, papaya, rice, bananas, sunflowers,
Chickpeas, buffalo milk, okra, soybeans,
Cow milk, eggs, peppercorns, and pandan. 
Change the recipes 
Change the SEASONS, 
Long dry, rainy, and monsoon. 
There’s a 24hr clock. 
Bees buzz around your crops. 
Butterflies, dragonflies, and mosquitoes
Dart through the air as you walk. 
The trees shake in the heavy, 
Monsoon rains. 
The stable is a garage, 
First for your bicycle,
Then your motorcycle. 
You can kill your animals for meat, 
And learn that vegetarianism isn’t 
A choice people make lightly. 
There’s your thirst and hunger to fend off. 
The sale prices for most things 
Are scaled down like it’s multiplayer, 
But it’s just you. 
And it’s harder. 
You take the bus to the city, 
Too far to bike, but it’s the only place 
That sells the right commercial seeds: 
Soybeans, corn, wheat, sunflowers. 
Can’t put them in your seed maker,
The game has rules, 
Because big companies have expectations, 
That turned into real life laws, 
And video games get enough flak for 
Getting kids to commit crimes. 
The bundles, 
The junimos, 
The community center,
They’re all there. 
There’s a shipping container in the town center
With for-export bundles: 
Wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, rice, bananas, peppercorns, 
You can sell them for actual
Money making, 
Think about getting rich, 
But you’ve got to bring 
Enough quantity to make it middleman viable, 
Minimum 100. 
And you’ve got to meet 
International import/export standards, 
Minimum 100 gold star crop units. 
You get paid when it goes to market,
On the last day of the season, 
Only if you brought all 100, 
And all 100 were good enough. 
I hope the real money cash crops 
Didn’t distract you, 
From tending to your cattle, 
Your chickens,
Building a silo, 
Watering your chickpeas,
Your taro, 
Gibing presents, 
Remembering birthdays, 
Enjoying the festivals, 
Navigating relationship cut scenes, 
Falling in love, 
Exploring the mines,
Fighting the slimes, 
Reading books, 
Watching tv, 
And filling the museum. 
If you kept you head on straight, 
Make sure you make the most
Of your time with the elderly couple
And the blacksmith, 
There’s a 33% change one of them will die
In any given year.
Any advice, recipes, letters, 
There were holding on to, goes with them. 
Look at the scenery, 
Plant the things that make you happy, 
Say hi to your chickens,
Give nice things to your friends, 
Explore the land, 
Work hard, 
Get rich, 
Feel fulfilled, 
Get married,
Have a kid, 
Enjoy the moment, 
Meet your deadlines, 
Have a snack,
Practice a little altruism,
And get everything you can out of life.
It’s a little harder, 
But it’s there. 

*This is a poem about ConcernedApe’s popular farming video game, Stardew Valley. The original game is set in an ambiguous high latitude rural town. It could just as easily be rural Washington, Scotland, the French countryside, Argentina, Chile, or Japan.

I think it would be interesting to put together a comprehensive mod of Stardew Valley to give a different perspective to players of the original game. Navigate some of the difficulties someone might encounter in a rural community in the tropics, like India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Samoa, or the Philippines. Come around to really caring about the people there and asking yourself if it is really so different. Ask yourself how much you care that something is fair trade after trying to finish those export bundles.

Despite a robust modding community, I didn’t find any mods that changed the seasons. Almost all of the other mods mentioned do exist.

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