The Strobe Light Supermarket

I rented out a 
Supermarket from a
Very confused 
Manager who
Took a painful
Month to email back. 
I rented 2 Smart Car
Industrial sized fans. 
Begged and paid 
Some theatre arts 
Students to rig the
Walls up like
A disco bowling alley.
Spice it up with 
More deep reds and
Angry flashing white 
Strobe lights. 
Alone at midnight
I open the doors
Of a grocery store
Epileptically seizing 
Through nightmare
Time and space.
And lazily lean on 
My shopping cart.
Wander the 
Aisles at peace 
In the gentle 
Wind and colors 
That make so much 
Enjoy holding the 
Glossy cereal boxes
Glazed in the gentle
Red light. 
Checkout with a 
Blindfolded cashier,
And pick at a 
Bag of chips
For the car ride home. 

*This poem is about my deep love of/obsession with supermarkets, gentle breezes, flashing lights, and creepy red emergency lighting. I wrote it because it sounds like the ultimate meditative experience for me. To stumble around a supermarket, shopping, with the flashing lights and emergency lighting. Seeing all the brands and fun colors I like, distorted a little, glistening like streets after a rain.

If anyone is ever looking for an involved Christmas gift for me I would take this over even the most expensive spa treatment.

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