15 Seconds of Fame

“Dangerous TikTok
‘Skull-breaker challenge,’
Causes child head injuries.” 
Seniors trick 14yr old. 
Ask her to jump for their video,
Kick her legs out.
She cracks her skull into
The bathroom tile.
Singapore police
Wearing all black,
Full face covering 
Riot gear mask. 
Musically counts down,
Head and hands lilting,
4, 3, 2, 1. 
Officers record their own
TikTok video
Kick down classroom door. 
Tackle and drag 
The screaming seniors
To the tune of 
Cutesy pop. 
Another 15 seconds 
Of fame. 

*This story is derived from this ABC news article that I saw referenced on Reddit:

The article is not set in Singapore, and admittedly I do not know how popular TikTok is there. I also don’t know a lot about TikTok culture.

In the startling world of police responding to emerging threats towards young people in unpredictably creative ways I don’t think this is too far out of the question. Imagine a small town police chief, or just someone with a lot of free rein thinking about fighting fire with fire. Saying screw trying to put together educational videos these kids will never see, let’s get right to the source. Let’s tag the kids we’re arresting. Let their followers know directly what happens when you do this to your peers.

Again, horrible. Taking a TikTok of an arrest would not be a good idea. But it just feels like it’s going to happen.

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